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Lil’ Wayne’s Public Relations Disaster–Dissecting a Celebrity PR Case

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My attention was recently called to a post on NecoleBitchie.com regarding statements made by “the best rapper alive,” none other than Lil’ Wayne. According to the post, Wayne and his associates, Young Money Entertainment, were accused of openly disrespecting several women at a video shoot because of their skin complexions, which happened to be dark-skinned.
When asked by one of the ladies why he had such negative perceptions of brown women when his own daughter happened to be brown, he allegedly stated that “My daughter is a dark-skinned millionaire and that’s the difference between her and you.”
According to a recent tweet on the same blog, Lil Wayne was quoted as saying: “Y’all know I didn’t say that…” The reality is that we don’t know he didn’t say it. His past videos, lyrics and actions actually make it not that hard to believe.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is why it is imperative to establish a positive relationship with the public before a situation like this transpires. I am often asked by artists why public relations is so important, and this is exactly why.
If Wayne and Young Money truly want to convince their fans that they are, in fact, “colorblind,” it’s going to take a lot more than a tweet.
Where is the staff publicist?
Now is the time for a savvy public relations professional to take control of this “rumor” that is spiraling out of control. A formal statement sent directly to NecoleBitchie.com could help to alleviate the ramifications of this bad publicity. This website first broke the story, so blogs that have linked to their story will refer to this site for updates and statements from Wayne, if any.
And perhaps an official video with Wayne discussing the rumor and substantiating why it’s not true, is also in order.
There are a number of strategies that a PR professional can take to rectify this situation. But the takeaway from this lesson is to ensure that your image stays on positive footing with the public, so that when situations like this one arise, your “social capital” is strong enough that your image will not take a hit.

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