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Using Customer Reviews to Market Your Brand

Ulta, one of our favorite retailers, is doing an exceptional job at harnessing the power of customer reviews.

How so?

After each store purchase with an Ulta rewards card, customers receive an email asking them to review purchased items. More importantly, the process is so easy that it makes customers want to help. Including a picture of the product(s) purchased and room for comments, the Ulta customer review process has been a hit thus far.

Ulta Customer Review

It’s a practice than many brands fail to capitalize on. And if you’re still asking why you should use customer reviews, here are three reasons why:

You want to move your products, right?

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, ultimately resulting in increased sales. According to eMarketer, consumer reviews are nearly 12 times more trustworthy than descriptions that come from manufacturers. And from Econsultancy, 70% of consumers trust opinions of unknown users. If the ultimate goal of your marketing and pr efforts is to increase sales, then what are you waiting for?

Because they’re positive…

Approximately 80% of customer reviews are positive, receiving 4 or 5 stars out of 5. If the majority of your reviews are likely to be positive, then what do you have to lose? You only stand to gain from implementing a customer review process.

Need a little free market research?

Market research can cost an arm and a leg, so why not use the customer review process to learn more about the pros and cons of your products? After all, it’s free and your customers, who your products are designed to please, can tell you what they need better than anyone else. Reviews can provide valuable feedback/

If you’re still not convinced, maybe selling products isn’t your ultimate goal.


Publicity Stunt Inc Making It Happen in the UK

After a weeklong trip to Europe, the Publicity Stunt Inc offices are now open and back in business!

While there, we met with a number of movers-and-shakers in London, including Michael “Mykey” Rayon of Rayon-Inc, the owners of Instant Melodies music studio, two lovely reporters from Wink Ball, the UK’s #1 video news website, and last but certainly not least, the lovely young ladies of The Boxettes.

Miko Franklin and Lena Andoh of Publicity Stunt Inc in London

What a great time we had and now we are back in action! Stay tuned for posts featuring our new friends from the UK.

News Release: Triplett Records, Night Rider Entertainment Presents

CHICAGO, IL- Feb. 18, 2011 – Triplett Records and Night Rider Entertainment present “The Gone Green 12-City Tour.” Headlining is Chicago’s own Shawnna during the first stop of the national tour in Joliet, Ill., on Feb. 25. Other notable performers include the Green Team, Trouble Boiz, Ash Loc and Blind Thugg, as well as Da Twenz 2Gs, King of Kings and Leon Triplett. Performances begin at 9 p.m.  
Rapper Shawnna
The kick-off performance in Joliet will be held at the world-famous Joe’s Bar, 4220 W. Jefferson Street. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the door. Guests must be 21 and older to attend. VIP accommodations are available as well.

 Additional tour dates will be announced at a later date.  

Triplett Records is also scheduled to release a project that will include Triplett Records’ label artists and the Green Team, titled “Hands Up, Man Down.” The project is a tribute to NBA superstars Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

 For more information on Triplett Records’ artists, please visit www.TriplettRecords.com or call 773.983.4193.


UPTOWN Weddings & Travel; Lovie’s Letter Paper Co.

One of our favorite magazines, UPTOWN, recently announced the launch of a “Weddings & Travel” special edition release. And with the spring wedding season right around the corner (despite the blizzard conditions that we are enduring right now), this launch couldn’t have been more timely.

Cynthia Bailey covers UPTOWN Weddings & Travel

Cynthia Bailey covers UPTOWN Weddings & Travel

As it happens, we are representing one of Chicago’s premier wedding stationery companies, Lovie’s Letter Paper Co. (In case you missed “Four Tips on Selecting Wedding Invitations,” you can view it here.

If you are a reporter covering wedding trends and would like to speak with the owner of Lovie’s Letter Paper Co., please give us a call at 773.980.6404 or send an email to m.franklin@publicitystuntinc.com.

If you are in the market for wedding stationery, please check out the company site at Lovie’s Letter Paper Co.

Nene’s Twitter Meltdown a PR No No–Aftermath of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

If you’re like most of urban America, then you likely tuned in to Real Housewives of Atlanta, well, at least the folks at Publicity Stunt Inc did (myself and vice president Shelly Andoh) did. And what a riot.

Just a few months ago, Greg, husband to reality show phenom, Nene Leakes, learned that hard way that nothing is off the record. (If you missed the full audio to that, click here.) Well, this episode, it was his wife who learned a valuable public relations lesson.

Last night, she showed her you-know-what and Twitter was abuzz with criticisms of her actions and, ultimately, supporting our semi-argument against celebrities with Twitter accounts. (If you missed that, click here.)

Leakes had a mini Twitter breakdown, firing off a number of tweets, including: “Yall some trading @sses! Everybody has a limit!” and “I never wanted 2 get on the bus or go 2 Florida wit these hating chicks! Believe that.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Nene Leakes, fires off a series of tweets after less than flattering comments about last night's episode

Man down, celebrity in distress! 

Before the advent of Twitter, fans would have never known that Nene was this upset by her television show appearance and she likely never would have responded so irrationally. Her comments, which were clearly direct responses to the tweets of fans,  were obviously not well thought out and may ultimately cause her to lose many fans.

A well thought out social media/pr strategy would have Nene providing a blanket response (if Twitter was a must-use tool) and then offering interviews or releasing a video statement to internet blogs. In these interviews, she would not be extremely defensive, but rather extremely kind and mild-mannered like the Nene Leakes that we so often see on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens. This persona would offset the horrible display of character that was shown for all the world to see last night. 

What do you think? Did Nene overreact? Will this harm her public image?

Are celebrities TOO accessible with social media?

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Visit a gossip blog any day of the week and you are bound to come across a story about a celebrity attacking a non-celebrity or fellow celebrity via America’s favorite microblogging site, Twitter. Back in the day, there was an air of mystique surrounding celebrities. But these days, with Twitter, Facebook and other access-granted social tools, the curtains have come down.

This new approach to communicating with celebrities begs the question: Are celebrities too accessible?

Of course, as a publicist, I am all for establishing a positive with the public by almost any means necessary. And with Twitter and other social media tools, this is easier now than ever. But it’s also easier to sever those relationships with just one wrong tweet.

Not only is it easy to damage these relationships with a tweet gone wrong, but again, with that air of mystique no longer there, are fans losing respect for celebrities? It’s human nature to place celebrities on pedestals because of their seemingly unattainable nature, but if we know every move a celebrity makes–from when he/she wakes up to what they eat for breakfast to how a spouse made them mad and more–are we bound to lose our fascination for them? These days anyone can be a so-called celebrity and if everyone is a celebrity, then no one is really a celebrity. Get it?

What do you think? Should celebrities lay off the tweets or should they keep ’em coming?

Wedding Reporters: Working on a story about 2011 stationery trends?

Working on a story about 2011 wedding stationery trends? If so, contact Publicity Stunt Inc for an interview opportunity with Seleana Luckett, stationery adviser for some of Chicago’s hottest weddings and proprietor of Lovie’s Letter Paper Co.

Contact: Miko Franklin at 773.980.6404 or m.franklin@publicitystuntinc.com

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