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NFL Player Peyton Manning Shows the Value of PR

AFC quarterback Peyton Manning, of the Indiana...

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In 2011, are you still questioning the value that public relations can bring to your personal brand? If so, just ask football player Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts.
According to a study release by The Nielsen Company, Manning leads the NFL for endorsement impact with the highest N-score.  The N-Score rates the brand impact of professional athletes and sports personalities to enable advertisers to make strong marketing decisions on commercial endorsements. 
It layman’s terms it means that he is highly likely to be courted and paid a pretty penny for endorsement deals by advertisers because of his great consumer appeal compared to other NFL players.
His public appeal is likely high because of his stellar record on the field and his positive perception by the public, a.k.a. public relations, which he continues to enhance with news about himself, including recent stories on his charitable works through his non-profit, the Peyback Foundation.
Manning’s leading N-score of 262 is followed by New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees (166) and New England Patriots’ Tom Brady (131). Curious about Michael Vick’s score after his “comeback?” Just 16. Looks like his publicist still has more work to do.
Public relations=image. Image=dollar signs.
And that is why public relations matters. Do you follow now?

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