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Driving Customers, Boosting Sales at Your Clothing Boutique

Harvey Nichols display

Harvey Nichols Display -- Image by Frosted Peppercorn via Flickr

With hundreds of clothing boutiques in every metro area, store owners often find it a challenge to stand out and increase store traffic when buyers have countless other options.

Personalized Service

One marketing tactic that boutique owners often overlook is personalizing service for clients. For instance, when a new shipment arrives, a great way to boost sales is to call your best customers and tell them about the new product. This method works especially well when the product is a specialty or limited run item. Doing so tends to make customers feel appreciated and will certainly encourage long-term relationships. The size of boutiques and the special relationships they tend to have with their customers offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of personalized customer outreach, as opposed to the mass outreach that chain stores are forced to use.

Eye-Catching Window Displays

The importance of window displays is often underestimated by boutique owners.  Harvey Nichols, a London-based department store, is world-famous for its window displays (you can view a few photos here). Potential customers flock to the store just to view its ever-changing window displays. Ron Gelfuso, founder of Mavi jeans, says that displays should be changed at least once a week. It may seem to be a hassle, but it will pay off in the end. Regularly updated window displays give the illusion of new merchandise, even when there’s none. This will intrigue customers and, ultimately, increase store traffic and sales.

Special Events

Finally, special events are always a great way to attract buyers. Nordstrom, a leading retailer, is known for its half-yearly sales. Although the sale is just a sale, the company has done an exceptional job at branding it as an event. Sale events aren’t limited to retail giants like Nordstrom; boutiques can benefit as well from similar marketing tactics.

Boosting sales isn’t impossible, but for the busy boutique owner, sometimes it can seem that way. These tips should help jumpstart those efforts. Check back often for more!


Why YOU Should be Using an Email Marketing Program

Image representing Constant Contact as depicte...

Image via CrunchBase

Chicago’s Office of the City Treasurer (Stephanie Neely), along with Constant Contact, a leading email marketing service provider, sponsored the workshop: “Social Media and E-Mail Marketing Secrets for Small Business Workshop” today. The event, held at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Randolph, offered a primer on the benefits and best practices of social media and email marketing.

Small business owners, in hopes of keeping overhead low, often skim on costs. One way that many businesses do this is by sending email marketing messages via regular email servers (i.e. Outlook and other webmail). I’m convinced, after attending today’s seminar, that a program like Constant Contact can actually maximize exposure for a minimal cost.

The case studies presented at the seminar were impressive. For instance, the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra increased their website traffic by 150% after implementing an email marketing campaign with Constant Contact.

Steve Robinson, regional director for Illinois and Wisconsin of Constant Contact, also made a great case for why companies should use these programs:

  •  Recipients are more likely to open up HTML messages, as opposed to basic text emails.
  •  Companies are able to brand their email newsletters through the use of logos and color schemes (see last point for another reason why this matters).
  • These programs give users the option to manage lists by notifying them of bouncebacks, adding new subscribers and automatically removing unsubscribers.
  •  Tracking success is an underutilized step in marketing because the budgets of small businesses often don’t have room to pay for additional tracking services. Constant Contact automatically tracks email marketing efforts, providing users with a host of useful data, including who opened the message, what they clicked on and whether they forwarded the message to anyone.

If you want to learn more about Constant Contact, check them out online. They offer a 60-day trial, which is perfect to gauge how easy the service is to manage. You can also see how their program works here.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide content for your email marketing newsletters, but don’t worry, we can always help you with that (insert smiley face here). Shoot us an email for more information to m.franklin@publicitystuntinc.com.

What are your thoughts? Have you used Constant Contact before? What about any other email marketing management programs out there?

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