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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathers a Love Child, Suffers Image Blow

Candid Shot of Arnold & Maria at Courage to Lead

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Since Robocop, former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of America’s favorite Austrians. But this week, his reputation has suffered a crippling blow, with the revelation of a 14 year-old love child.

Schwarzenegger has been married to Maria Shriver for 25 years.

Clearly, Schwarzenegger recognized the negative impact that this scandal would have on his image, which is why he waited until he term as governor was over, to reveal the information to his wife—and ultimately to the public. And because Shriver is a member of the Kennedy family, she’s an American sweetheart, which will only add to the negativity that this Austrian in America, a.k.a. Schwarzenegger, will suffer as a result of these allegations.

Although his political career is over, his acting career may be something he wants to fall back on. He’s better off moving to his home country, because now it’s unlikely that Americans will pay to see this former Robocop on the big screen.


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