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Kim Kardashian dies…12.1.10

Kim Kardashian's Digital DeathKim Kardashian is dead. 

No, the porn-star turned reality television star isn’t really dead but, in an effort to raise money for World AIDS Day on Wednesday, Dec. 1, she will lay to rest her Twitter account until $1 million is raised for the cause.  Talk about a phenomenal publicity stunt. Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Swizz Beatz, Usher and other celebrities are set to join Kardashian in her “digital death” until the lofty goal is reached. According to the New York Times, participating celebrities are estimated to have a combined 29 million Twitter followers.

Donations can be made by scanning a Buy Life t-shirt, texting the celebrity name of choice to 90999 or visiting BuyLife.org.

The organization was founded by Alicia Keys and Leigh Blake to respond to the growing AIDS epidemic, particularly in impoverished countries, where access to medicine and proper care is lacking.


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