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Chicago musicians coming up short…on health care, to be exact

Earlier this year, the Future of Music Coalition conducted a study on musicians and health insurance. The findings were shocking: 33 percent of musicians lack health insurance. This is double that of the national average. More than 86 percent of those who do not have insurance cite cost as the main barrier.

Of course, due to the unique nature of the profession, it is likely a challenge for musicians to find reasonably priced insurance. The concept of a “starving artist” applies to the music profession as well, making it evident why this group is unable to afford the “luxury” of health care insurance.

The Chicago Music Commission, recognizing the consequences of a lack of health care, is fighting to change this for Chicago-based artists. Hoping to develop a program that mirrors the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, the CMC is currently in the research and development phase and it needs your help.

If you are a Chicago musician–yes, this includes rappers, singers, songwriters, guitarists and more–please fill out a quick survey here. Every opinion counts!


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