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Dr. Phil riding the publicity coattails of the “golden voiced” homeless man

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Ted Williams has shot to the top of news headlines around the nation and throughout the blogosphere. And Dr. Phil is going with him.

It was only a week ago that Ted Williams, proclaimed as the “homeless man with the golden voice,” was panhandling on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. That quickly changed when a YouTube video featuring Williams went viral. Since then, media coverage of this overnight sensation has been relentless.

And in true guerilla PR fashion, the folks at Dr. Phil swooped in to take advantage of the spotlight that comes with Ted Williams these days. In this PEOPLE story, a publicist for Dr. Phil shares that the psychologist convinced Williams to seek treatment for his drug and alcohol abuse problem.

Dr. Phil, already a powerful brand with the endorsement of the “Big O,” otherwise known as Oprah, has shown how a brand can “cross over” and appeal to a different target audience. Not that Dr. Phil isn’t already a powerful brand, but it isn’t often that he appeals to the readers of PEOPLE magazine. By latching on to the pop culture appeal of Ted Williams, Dr. Phil has officially crossed over.


How Social Media Saved “The Game”

It’s been more than two years since devoted fans have been blessed with a new episode of “The Game,” a popular television series, created by Mara Brock Akil and produced by Kelsey Grammer. But after years of suspense, fans will get what they’ve been hoping for on today, Jan. 11, 2011.
Ladies and Gentlemen: “The Game” is back.
It’s not uncommon for a television show to be taken of the air, but it is very rare for a show to come back. So what was different about “The Game?” Their relationship with the public.
Via Facebook, YouTube, the CW’s message board and other social media tools that allowed the cast and crew to communicate directly with their fan base, “The Game” pleaded for support with their “Change the Game” campaign. And they got it.
Check out the infamous viral video that helped bring the cast of “The Game” back to the air tonight.

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