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Bin Laden Assassination Boosts President Obama’s Ratings to an All-Time High

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The recent assassination of Osama bin Laden under the leadership of President Barack Obama has brought a sense of justice to many Americans, particularly those who were affected by the horrific acts of 9/11.

And with the 2011 presidential election just months away, the unasked question on many minds is: ‘Will the recent murder of Osama bin Laden boost Obama’s approval rating?’

This may be a question for many, but for me it is a certainty.

The death of Osama bin Laden will positively increase President Barack Obama’s approval ratings.

Americans have lived in fear for a decade, nervously anticipating another act of terror by bin Laden, but now that he is dead, the country has breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Not surprisingly, President Obama is reaping the benefits of his heroic act right now. In fact, the speech that he delivered, announcing the death of bin Laden, earned President Obama his highest approval ratings ever. And this wasn’t a fluke. Nearly 57 million viewers tuned in to his speech—more than any other time during his presidency (although his acceptance speech drew 70 million viewers). According to the New York Times, his approval rating increased by 11 points after that speech—pretty impressive.

All Obama needs to do is continue riding the coattails of this success to the election and it’s a sure-win. The death of the terrorist was the act that Obama needed to boost his image and it came just in time. If he can turn the economy around within the next few months, there will be no question that the 2011 election will be a victory for our current president.

Sure, President Obama didn’t hunt bin Laden down to gain cool points for the election, but it sure won’t hurt.


First Lady Michelle Obama Proves That Image Really IS Everything

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When First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the arm of our first African-American president Barack Obama in her one-of-a-kind Alexander McQueen gown at a recent state dinner, fashionistas around the country ran to the nearest malls and department stores to purchase replicas.

Mrs. Obama’s influence is undeniable.

Her intelligence and beauty aren’t the only qualities that make her relatable to most American women; it’s her sense of style. And who knew that, that same sense of style could work wonders in gaining the favor of the American people?

According to a recent Atlanta Journal Constitution blog post, Mrs. Obama’s current favorability ratings are at an astounding 72%. The link between the public’s positive perception of the First Lady and her sense of style are indisputable. Every other day the First Lady is recognized for her sense of style in leading publications, including the Huffington Post and the United Kingdom’s Telegraph–even Harper’s Bazaar has labeled her a fashion icon. She has used the same platforms that admire her fashion forwardness as a platform to speak on issues of importance, including childhood obesity, military families and more, ultimately gaining the respect and admiration of the public.

While some discount the importance of image and its relation to public perception, Mrs. Obama proves that image is everything. Take note.

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