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Wedding Reporters: Working on a story about 2011 stationery trends?

Working on a story about 2011 wedding stationery trends? If so, contact Publicity Stunt Inc for an interview opportunity with Seleana Luckett, stationery adviser for some of Chicago’s hottest weddings and proprietor of Lovie’s Letter Paper Co.

Contact: Miko Franklin at 773.980.6404 or


Putting your business out there — Media opp of the day 11.05.10

ABC News Now is seeking business owners of mobile food establishments for an upcoming feature. What’s even better, besides a feature on ABC News? They want to answer your questions on getting started in the mobile food industry–for free. Get expert advice and free publicity–not bad!!

Interested parties must be able to call in on Nov. 11 at 3 p.m./EST.

If you’re interested, contact Susan Solovic of ABC News Now at

Putting your business out there — Media opp of the day 11.2.10

Bridal publication seeking designers–jewelry, shoes, table linens, shoes, wedding gowns and more–to feature in a wedding photo shoot. All participants will receive editorial credit. If you are interested, send an email to

Putting your business out there — Media opp of the day 10.26.10

A Christmas tree inside a home.

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AOL Shopping is seeking artisans who craft handmade goods for a Christmas shopping special. The requirements are simple: the artist must have a website and be willing to speak with the writer regarding his/her craft.

If you’re interested, contact

Putting your business out there — Media opp of the day

Have you written about vampires and other spooky tales? Crain’s Chicago is seeking an author that has written a short story or book featuring vampires as characters.

If this sounds like you, the reporter can be contacted at

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