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Don’t Come to the Table with Chevrolet Funds and Rolls Royce Taste – Setting an Appropriate PR Budget

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One of the many questions that I am asked by those hoping to take their career to the next level is:  How much should I invest in public relations each month?

The answer: It depends.

Monthly budgets can range from $250 to more than $3,000. Your first instinct may be to go for the smaller budget; however, keep in the mind that those budgets won’t yield as much in terms of results. A budget of $250 will likely only generate a press release or two per month and maybe a little media pitching.

You can’t bring the funds for a Chevrolet but expect to leave with a Rolls Royce.

That said, if you have high expectations, be sure that your budget aligns with those expectations.

A reasonable budget is around $800 per month. Compared to advertising, it is a very modest price. This budget typically works for smaller brands, who want a committed publicist to oversee most of their public relations needs.

On the high-end, a brand can spend upwards of several thousand dollars. In those cases, the company is likely a large, already established one and has the funds to spend on a full-time publicist.

When establishing your budget, think about questions like: Does your business have something to say to the public on a regular basis? Are you a new brand in need of generous media coverage? Do you need a dedicated team to handle your communications needs?

If you answered yes to those questions, you’d likely benefit from a “reasonable budget.” (See above.)

No worries, if you are unable to pay for representation, some firms, including Publicity Stunt Inc, offer do-it-yourself packages. With customized plans, developed just for your brand, you save money by doing the work yourself, following our plan.

PR budgets are not one-size-fits-all. No matter your budget, you can reap the positive benefits of public relations just make sure your expectations are realistic.


Pardon Our Error…In Regards to the Royal Wedding-Inspired Stationery

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In yesterday’s news release, we failed to mention the official name of the Kate Middleton-style invitation. Officially titled the ‘Windsor,’ the royal blue and gold invitation was handpicked for brides who want to wed like a princess for a fraction of the cost. The Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, both 100% cotton, are officially titled the ‘Royal Collection.’

News Advisory: Bryan “BJ the Chicago Kid” Sledge Talks 19-City Tour with Diddy-Dirty Money, Opening for Prince

CHICAGO- April 8 – Beginning next Wednesday, April 13, Chicago’s own Bryan “BJ the Chicago Kid” will launch a 19-city tour as a supporting vocalist for the Diddy-Dirty Money “Coming Home Tour.” The tour starts in Minneapolis, Minn., with stops in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando and, of course, BJ’s hometown: Chicago, which takes place on Thursday, April 14, at the House of Blues.
Bryan Sledge, a.k.a. BJ the Chicago KidThis year has been a monumental one for his career, with a number of pivotal points, including the opportunity to open for the legendary Artist Formerly Known as Prince just two weeks ago.
“I’m thankful for everything that comes my way and just want to keep representing Chicago in the best way I can,” says BJ the Chicago Kid. And represent he does–not very many can add performing with Diddy, Mary J. Blige and other legends to their credits.
Who knows what’s next for BJ the Chicago Kid, but at this rate, the sky is the limit for this Chicago-born artist.
For more information on BJ the Chicago Kid, visit his website at For a complete tour schedule, visit the official Diddy-Dirty Money tour page.  
For interview opportunities with BJ the Chicago Kid, contact Miko Franklin at 773.980.6404 or

Press Release: Lovie’s Letter Paper Co. Introduces Signature Scent, Wedding Bell Bliss, 10 Other Fragrances

CHICAGO, March 18, 2011 — Lovie’s Letter Paper Co., noted for its extensive line of wedding and personalized lifestyle stationery, has announced today the addition of 11 soy candles, including the company’s signature scent, Wedding Bell Bliss, to its product lineup.
In addition to Wedding Bell Bliss, other scents include Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sugar Cookie and Ocean Breeze.
The candles, offered in 4- thru 21 oz sizes, are environmentally friendly. Soy candles, an alternative to paraffin wax candles, are carcinogen free.   
Lovie’s Letter Paper Co. will offer the full line of candles on its website, Lovie’s Letter Paper Co. also offers more than 500 combinations of wedding and personalized stationery options.
For more information on Lovie’s Letter Paper Co. stationery and candles, please visit the company’s website at
About Lovie’s Letter Paper Co.

Lovie’s Letter Paper Co. is a wedding and stationery design studio, offering standard and personalized options. The company, founded in 2010 by Sequena Luckett, features several lines of budget friendly and ultra premium stationery products. With more than five years in the industry, Luckett has assisted hundreds of brides in choosing the best stationery for their wedding needs. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @LoviesLetter or become a Facebook fan

About Publicity Stunt Inc

Publicity Stunt Inc is a Chicago-based public relations, marketing and digital strategy firm. Founded in 2008, the agency caters to the unique needs of “creative” clients, including performing artists, visual artists, authors, songwriters, fashion designers and entrepreneurs. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @PublicityStunt or become a Facebook fan. 

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