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Rappers and Singers Need Blogs Too


Image by kuribo via Flickr

In the past, I’ve written blogs on how brands, in general, need blogs, but a lot of music artists—rappers, singers, producers and more—don’t realize that this rule applies to them as well.

Starting a blog may seem intimidating for some creatives, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. Using a platform like WordPress or Blogger, a blog can be set up in five minutes or less. And even better, establishing a blog costs little to no money at all.

“But what if I can’t right write?” A lot of people have this question, but the truth is, when it comes to blogging, professional writing skills are far from a must. Blogs are typically written in informal, conversation-style format. As an artist, conversation-style is key because it entices your fans by giving them a glimpse of your personal life. Let them know what life is like on the road, tell them about your latest single or live stream your latest studio session. Fans appreciate this type of thing.

Finally, blogs are a great way to spread the word about your music–what better place than your own blog for your fans to learn about your latest releases? A lot of times, new artists struggle with getting media coverage. There are tons of artists out right now and it’s difficult to stand out. Developing a blog that generates traffic is a great way to also generate buzz, which ultimately results in media coverage and then sales.

If starting a blog seems impossible, it’s not. Go to WordPress or Blogger to get started today. Need help with figuring out what to write about? Give us a call and we can help you come up with topics (773.980.6404).


In the news: UnRated Urban Magazine article feature

Did you catch Bryan Sledge, also known as “BJ the Chicago Kid” in UnRated Urban Magazine’s digital mag?

BJ the Chicago Kid

Excerpt here:

A young, soulful voice with an appreciation for and the gift to write “good” music Chicago native Bryan Sledge, aka B.J. The Chicago Kid, has worked with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Mary Mary, Jamie Foxx and Musiq Soulchild to name a few.
Now on the verge of becoming a household name himself, Sledge took time to talk to UnRated Urban Magazine about his humble beginnings, aspirations and future plans.

To review the article in its entirety, click here.

Chicago Artist Spotlight: T’izm Sound Productions, Chicago’s only urban recording label

The minds behind T'izm Sound Productions, FyreMouff and DJ JazznosisDespite many challenges, Chicago’s entertainment community remains vibrant and artists remain hopeful. FyreMouff, a bilingual spoken word artist, is one of those artists. FyreMouff, along with her boyfriend, DJ Jazznosis, have remained resilient and confident that the local arts and entertainment scene will flourish. Together, the two founded T’izm Sound Productions, which they’ve billed as Chicago’s “first and only urban recording label.”

During a recent interview with FyreMouff and DJ Jazznosis, I learned more about how they view Chicago’s music industry and even gathered a few pearls of wisdom for aspiring artists.

Publicity Stunt Inc: From what I’ve read, your company was started to provide a means for local artists to establish careers. What challenges do you often find that Chicago artists must overcome? Continue reading

Making money in the music industry panel today at Columbia College

A CD Video Disc (playing side) produced in 1987.

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The Chicago Music Commission, led by legendary music photographer Paul Natkin, is hosting a program on making music in the industry tonight at Columbia College (618 S. Michigan, 2nd floor). The program, taking place at 6 p.m., will feature the hip-hop duo the Cool Kids, along with the authors of “MUSIC MONEY AND SUCCESS: The Insiders Guide to Making Money in the Music Business.” Panelists will discuss licensing deals and more.

The program is sponsored by the Chicago Music Commission, along with Columbia College and the Recording Academy.

You may remember my recent sit-down with Paul Natkin, in which we discussed how the business model of music is changing.

The changing model of music marketing

An image of a compact disc - Pencil included f...

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It’s true that music can be a very profitable business, but unfortunately the success stories of the elite few who’ve made it like the Beyonces, Jay-Zs and Kanyes of the world are rare, particularly in a market where supply far exceeds demand and CD sales are a distant memory. Faced with lagging record sales and piracy, music artists of today must become innovative marketers or risk irrelevancy.

According to Chicago Music Commission executive director Paul Natkin, giving away music for free is key in today’s market. Yes, you read right: free. In our privileged society, where peer-to-peer file sharing is illegal, but the norm, consumers aren’t very eager to pay for music. He suggests that bands implement unique marketing models to generate revenue, including licensing music and merchandising.

Natkin cites Chicago-based rap duo, the Cool Kids, as a prime example of artists whose unique marketing methods have paid off. The group doesn’t charge for music. Instead, they give it away and make money by licensing their music. The Cool Kids‘ music has been featured on a number of video games and TV shows, including “NBA Live ’08” and HBO’s “Entourage.”

Merchandising is another way to market your music brand and generate income. At shows, consider selling t-shirts, hats or other paraphernalia with your band’s logo on it. Fans love to be a part of a movement or “in” crowd. This works particularly well for new groups with exceptional talent. Just think about the last time you’ve heard someone brag about listening to an artist “before everyone else knew about him.”

Music industry record sales have taken a big hit over the past decade. There are countless ways to integrate unique marketing methods into your strategy. If you don’t, your band brand could just be one of thousands of bands that never make it to the major leagues.

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