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How a Public Relations Agency Can Help You: Artists, Designers, Musicians

Kanye West at the Vanity Fair kickoff part for...

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Are you still scratching your head, wondering whether or not you would benefit from the guidance of a public relations expert?

Many creative brands—artists, designers, musicians and more—question whether or not they can afford to retain a public relations agency.

To be honest, the real question should is: How can you afford to not hire a public relations agency?

Designers: Would you trust your landscaper to forecast next season’s designs?

Musicians: Would you let the pharmacy clerk write your next song?

Artists: Would you let your garbage man handle your legal matters?

Nope, so why take your public relations matters into your own hands?

For starters, enlisting the help of an agency will surely generate awareness for your brand. Our client, Lovie’s Letter Paper Co., has gone from just a handful of visits each day, to more than 600 visits at any given time.

One of the most obvious ways you can benefit from the help of a public relations professional is because of their relationships with members of the media. Publicists specialize in media outreach, which results in high profile media placements for you.

A public relations agency can also help you manage a crisis. Think about Kanye West post-Taylor Swift. Without the help of a seasoned public relations professional, it would have been nearly impossible for the rapper to have bounced back.

Other ways your brand can benefit from a PR agency, include strengthening community relations and supporting your existing public relations programs.

Last but not least, hiring a PR agency can leave you with more time to do what you do best: focus on your craft.


Driving Customers, Boosting Sales at Your Clothing Boutique

Harvey Nichols display

Harvey Nichols Display -- Image by Frosted Peppercorn via Flickr

With hundreds of clothing boutiques in every metro area, store owners often find it a challenge to stand out and increase store traffic when buyers have countless other options.

Personalized Service

One marketing tactic that boutique owners often overlook is personalizing service for clients. For instance, when a new shipment arrives, a great way to boost sales is to call your best customers and tell them about the new product. This method works especially well when the product is a specialty or limited run item. Doing so tends to make customers feel appreciated and will certainly encourage long-term relationships. The size of boutiques and the special relationships they tend to have with their customers offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of personalized customer outreach, as opposed to the mass outreach that chain stores are forced to use.

Eye-Catching Window Displays

The importance of window displays is often underestimated by boutique owners.  Harvey Nichols, a London-based department store, is world-famous for its window displays (you can view a few photos here). Potential customers flock to the store just to view its ever-changing window displays. Ron Gelfuso, founder of Mavi jeans, says that displays should be changed at least once a week. It may seem to be a hassle, but it will pay off in the end. Regularly updated window displays give the illusion of new merchandise, even when there’s none. This will intrigue customers and, ultimately, increase store traffic and sales.

Special Events

Finally, special events are always a great way to attract buyers. Nordstrom, a leading retailer, is known for its half-yearly sales. Although the sale is just a sale, the company has done an exceptional job at branding it as an event. Sale events aren’t limited to retail giants like Nordstrom; boutiques can benefit as well from similar marketing tactics.

Boosting sales isn’t impossible, but for the busy boutique owner, sometimes it can seem that way. These tips should help jumpstart those efforts. Check back often for more!

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