Nene’s Twitter Meltdown a PR No No–Aftermath of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

If you’re like most of urban America, then you likely tuned in to Real Housewives of Atlanta, well, at least the folks at Publicity Stunt Inc did (myself and vice president Shelly Andoh) did. And what a riot.

Just a few months ago, Greg, husband to reality show phenom, Nene Leakes, learned that hard way that nothing is off the record. (If you missed the full audio to that, click here.) Well, this episode, it was his wife who learned a valuable public relations lesson.

Last night, she showed her you-know-what and Twitter was abuzz with criticisms of her actions and, ultimately, supporting our semi-argument against celebrities with Twitter accounts. (If you missed that, click here.)

Leakes had a mini Twitter breakdown, firing off a number of tweets, including: “Yall some trading @sses! Everybody has a limit!” and “I never wanted 2 get on the bus or go 2 Florida wit these hating chicks! Believe that.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Nene Leakes, fires off a series of tweets after less than flattering comments about last night's episode

Man down, celebrity in distress! 

Before the advent of Twitter, fans would have never known that Nene was this upset by her television show appearance and she likely never would have responded so irrationally. Her comments, which were clearly direct responses to the tweets of fans,  were obviously not well thought out and may ultimately cause her to lose many fans.

A well thought out social media/pr strategy would have Nene providing a blanket response (if Twitter was a must-use tool) and then offering interviews or releasing a video statement to internet blogs. In these interviews, she would not be extremely defensive, but rather extremely kind and mild-mannered like the Nene Leakes that we so often see on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens. This persona would offset the horrible display of character that was shown for all the world to see last night. 

What do you think? Did Nene overreact? Will this harm her public image?


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One response to “Nene’s Twitter Meltdown a PR No No–Aftermath of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

  • Shelly

    Not sure if it will tarnish her image or merely confirm what people have been thinking all along. NeNe is a “hot head” and needs to do some disaster image recovery if she wants viewers to feel differently.

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